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22Care & SupportMickle Hill is operated by MHA, an award-winning charity providing care, accommodation and support services for older people throughout Britain. They are one of the most well-respected care providers in the sector and one of the largest charities in Britain, providing services to older people for 75 years.One of the most reassuring aspects of life at Mickle Hill is the wellbeing service – if you’d just like a chat with someone, are feeling under the weather or need emergency assistance, a member of the MHA team can visit you in your home.The wellbeing service provides 24-hour staf ng on-site, help in an emergency, co-ordination of activities, emotional support, referral to other specialist agencies and advocacy services.As we get older, many of us may need a little extra support to stay independent. Whether you need ongoing assistanceor just a helping hand if you’re recovering from an illness or injury, the MHA team can tailor a package of personal care or support to suit your speci c needs. This service is available for an extra charge and can include help with household chores such as cooking, cleaning or laundry; assistancewith dressing, bathing or taking medication; and taking you shopping or accompanying you to and from social activities.Another amenity at Mickle Hill is the assisted bathroom – this is located in The Pavilion and is available to residents.For further information please refer to the MHA Care Services Guide.At Mickle Hill, we provide you with a range of services that will give you and your family peace of mind now and in years to come.

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