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The EssentialsMickle Hill is a beautiful setting, and you can rest assured that everythingis in place to keep it that way. The village has all the utilities, essentials and upkeep you would expect, plus a few more – all looked after by your friendly village management and staff.Helping you enjoy life to the full extends to this comprehensive range of village services which you can enjoy as standard or at an additional cost.• Wi-  to communal areas within The Pavilion• Car parking for you and your guests• Domiciliary care staff 24 hours aday, 7 days a week• Emergency support• Maintenance services available• Housekeeping services available• Packed calendar of activities, events and excursionsIn addition, each home at Mickle Hill bene ts from the following features:• Your own front door with your own private address• External refuse stores• NHBC 10 Year Warranty• High-quality construction meeting all current building and insulation regulations“ It’s easy going. If I want company I can go out and  nd it, but if I fancy time to myself I can come and sit in my apartment; listening to music, read a paper or book.”20- David

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