Dave’s story

I’ve been at Mickle Hill for around three months now, however I feel so at home that it seems much longer already – I’ve really settled in. It felt like home so quickly it took me by surprise, I never expected to feel like this after living in my previous family home for 25 years.

I’m really enjoying the community here at Mickle Hill, as everyone tends to look out for each other which is great.

I’ve made quite a few friends from joining in with the activities that go on. At first, I was quite nervous about meeting new people as I have lived on my own for the past five years, however everyone is so welcoming and kind that it became easy to meet people.

I’ve been able to keep up my hobby of gardening, which has been great. I can do it as and when I like, without the worry of having my own garden to maintain. It’s very rewarding too, as I can help those who are less able to keep it up.

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