We believe Mickle Hill is the perfect home, however don’t just listen to us! Here are some stories from our residents about their experiences of living in the village.

Dave’s story:

How long have you been a resident at Mickle Hill?
I have been living here for just under a year and a half now, I moved into the village in December 2016.

How are you finding your time here?
It’s very convenient and stress-free. I found the care team were absolutely excellent when my wife needed help. I really appreciated their support whilst I was caring for her, and I felt reassured knowing they were on hand just a couple of minutes away – no matter what time of day or night it was.

It’s a great sense of community here at Mickle Hill, if I want to get out of the house and catch up with my friends and neighbours it’s really easy to do that and it’s a welcoming group of people, so you settle in really quickly.

Have you kept up with any hobbies, and how do you enjoy the facilities?
Since coming here I’ve taken up playing scrabble and carpet boules. I also attend the art group and I’m part of the gardening team.
The bistro is a very good facility here at the village. I go there most days of the week for my main meal. I went to the Mexican evening last Friday and the food was excellent.

My favourite thing is the sense of community here. When I came back from 11 weeks away in Australia people said to me “did you feel lonely when you came back?”, I responded “how can you feel lonely when there are over 70 people living here?”. If I want company I can go out there and find it, but if I fancy time to myself I can come and sit in my apartment; listening to music, reading a paper or book. It’s quite easy going.
It’s great to have the reassurance of a call button. My son and daughter are both in Australia, so they have the reassurance
that they will get a call if I am ever having a problem.

Janet’s story:

I’ve been living in the village for just 12 months now, and I absolutely love it. It was the best decision that I’ve made. The residents here are lovely. I used to get quite isolated as my husband was ill, but here I have made so many friends and we all like to help each other.

I live in one of the central apartments and because of my cockapoo Honey I live on the ground floor so that she can go out into the patio. She loves to lay outside when it gets really hot!

Every week we have a fellowship meeting, and once a month we have a communion meeting which I always go along to. I also love to take part in the exercise classes, singing and some of the handy crafts.

My favourite facility here is the bistro because it means that I don’t have to cook. I used to love cooking, but now it’s just myself I don’t enjoy it as much. I go to the bistro most days, it’s really reasonably priced and delicious food. It’s nice to know that I’ve had a hot meal.

It’s great to feel like I have my own independence but know that the care and support is available should I need it. We press a button each day to let the carers know that we are okay, the carers are amazing. My husband collapsed three times in the night, but the carers arrived within two minutes and stayed with us until the ambulance came.

Eileen and Raymond’s story:

We have been at Mickle Hill for 14 months now, as the house we lived in became too much for us to look after, so we decided to down-size. After looking around the village we fell in love with this apartment. It feels secure.

We made lots of friends after getting involved with the activities, which helped us to meet new people. Our favourites were felting, going to the cinema, painting and relaxing in the Jacuzzi. There are also events held at the village too, at Halloween I won first prize for my witch costume! We had a summer fayre and we made 50 bottles of ginger wine, which everyone loved.

We pop into Pickering once or twice a week, we know the area well as we used to live there.

We feel as though we have a new lease of life here, we would definitely recommend it. All our time is our own, so we can finally do the things we enjoy. We finally feel content! The staff here are wonderful. Once we both had the flu and they couldn’t do enough for us. They brought our meals up when we needed to eat, and they kept checking in on us. It’s lovely to know that if you need help someone is there – it really gives us peace of mind.

It’s been really great to declutter and get rid of lots of things. I sold our old furniture and bought new things to really make the move feel like a fresh start. It was wonderful.

Our daughter and grandson come over to visit us frequently. We love to take them to the library and play dominos. My daughter wasn’t convinced about us moving at first, as we lived in our previous home for 25 years, but now we are settled she is happy about us living here.