“We have just completed on the purchase of an apartment at Mickle Hill where my mother-in-law has become the latest resident to move in. She is 85 years old and very independent and looking forward to establishing her new life in the village. We first made contact with the Yvette Jones [Mickle Hill sales advisor]
Hugh moved to Mickle Hill from the Lake District in August 2020. Commenting on his move, Hugh says: “I first came to visit Mickle Hill in February 2020, before lockdown started, and I stayed overnight in the guest suite. It was good to see what village life was like before the pandemic. Fortunately, I was
David Robinson, 71, is moving to Mickle Hill from Pickering itself. Keen to stay in the area, he is looking forward to enjoying a busier social life as part of a community. He says: “I’ve always been a Yorkshire lad, although I moved around the world when I was enrolled in the forces. My wife
Bill Rex, 83, who has been living at Mickle Hill for 3 years, organised a charity walk to raise funds for Children in Need. As part of this he led 10 residents on a 2-mile walk across the countryside and they successfully raised £680 in donations from residents and members of staff at Mickle
I had lived in the same house for 72 years when I moved into a two bedroom apartment at Mickle Hill on August 6th this year. I had heard about Mickle Hill through a friend who moved here when it first opened about four years ago and I was always really impressed when I
Our Mickle Hill Sales Advisors are working hard to maintain the human touch of their services, ensuring our prospective buyers are well informed and get a real feel for the village, while maintaining the safety and welfare of our current residents. Hear from them directly on the changes made to enable this: “Our health and
Josie Woodhams, 88, had been living by herself in a four-bedroom house when she realised that her home was becoming too much for her to look after and that it was affecting her quality of life. Her children suggested that she would benefit from moving to a better-suited home, but they were also all
During trying times as, we have all been experiencing since March 2020, many older people can sadly find themselves lacking support and feeling increasingly isolated. Whilst many would like to live as part of a supportive and inclusive community, the hurdles that come with moving in later life may often be too much of