Meet the Neighbourhood that fully embraces Yorkshire’s Community Spirit

Whether it’s our local sporting clubs, fundraisers or regular events, Yorkshire is known for its community spirit and friendly locals. A supportive neighbourhood becomes particularly important as we grow older, so we were intrigued to see whether Mickle Hill, the retirement village in Pickering, has incorporated this ethos on a recent visit.

Located 10 minutes walk from Pickering town centre, just off Malton Road, Mickle Hill’s welcoming village layout offers a choice of 90 modern one and two bedroom apartments as well as 78 spaciously designed bungalows. Having launched its second phase earlier this year, interested buyers can get a great feel for the properties first-hand in the newly opened show bungalow and talk to the friendly team in the marketing suite

The dormer bungalows are spacious boasting a total floor space of 1038 sqft, with single storey homes measuring approx. 722 sqft. Whilst the properties have warm but modern interiors, emphasis has been put on functionality and convenience. Plug sockets are at waist height, the heating can be adjusted easily from room to room, and there is level access in the modern en-suite shower rooms. Large double-glazed windows make the most of the natural daylight and open up to private patios. It’s the perfect setting to relax with a cup of tea or for entertaining guests, whilst taking in the stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Wandering the grounds of Mickle Hill, we immediately discover how the village is embracing Yorkshire’s community ethos. Large doors lead into what is known as the ‘Pavilion’. This is Mickle Hill’s social hub, boasting a cinema, hair and beauty salon, gym, spa, library, convenience shop and café bistro. Taking a seat in the lovely landscaped gardens we noticed that many of the residents were chatting with each other and enjoying being outside on such a lovely day.

Resident Janet Ainsworth, 76, who moved from the Lake District to Mickle Hill tells us: “I knew instantly this was just a wonderful place. It felt like home from the very start. There’s so much to do around here and it’s a beautiful area. Mickle Hill won us over with the fact that the carers are onsite.”

Rangeford Holdings has teamed up with national older person’s charity MHA, a support organisation dedicated to making residents’ lives easier. If you need extra help with household chores such as cooking, cleaning and shopping or assistance with dressing and bathing, the MHA team are there to help.

To speed up the moving process, Janet opted for a part exchange. “We wanted to move as early as we could. The staff at Mickle Hill helped us every step of the way to make the move go as efficiently as possible” she adds.

Thanks to the support Mickle Hill offers with the move, interested buyers could already celebrate this year’s festive season in their new home. What a way to welcome the New Year! For more information and to find out about part exchange at Mickle Hill, visit or call the friendly team on 01751 245000.