Case Study: It will be good to have people around

David Robinson, 71, is moving to Mickle Hill from Pickering itself. Keen to stay in the area, he is looking forward to enjoying a busier social life as part of a community. He says:

“I’ve always been a Yorkshire lad, although I moved around the world when I was enrolled in the forces. My wife and I returned to the area when we retired eight years ago, and we chose to settle in Pickering. We’d always loved to hike, and it’s such a beautiful area with many routes available that it seemed the right place. We moved to a commonhold property, which at the time was a new concept.

“My wife passed away three years ago now, and I wanted to move somewhere that offered more social opportunities. That’s the main thing that drew me to Mickle Hill: it’ll be very good to have people around. Pickering is beautiful, but a lot of the homes here are second homes, so it can be harder for it to feel like a community.

“I’m looking forward to enjoying the amenities at Mickle Hill, such as going to the bar, using the gym, and getting to meet new people. I love that there is a bistro as well – it’s great because it means I won’t always have to cook!

“I saw that there is a walking club, so I think I might join that. I’m a massive computer geek, they’re my life really, so maybe something around that too.

“I’m a frequent traveller, so the lock up and leave aspect is really good for me. I’m usually away for most of the winter, I go to Scotland every year, and I’m keen to go to New Zealand. I was even meant to be in the West Indies right now! It’s reassuring to know that Mickle Hill is a secure, gated community. I know that everything will be well looked after when I’m away, so I’ll be able to leave confidently.

“Currently I’m in a two-bedroom apartment, although my lounge is full of boxes! I’ll be downsizing when moving to Mickle Hill, but I’ll still have a spare room. I’m hoping to move around 1st April, which means I will enjoy the benefits of the stamp duty relief.”